04 December 2006


ever have one of those dreams that make no sense? I had one the other night.

In the dream I wake up and I'm in my bed, but it's not the bed I've got now, nor my apartment. There's a pretty girl lying next to me. Brunette, shapely, dark tanned skin, and her bare back is turned to me. I search my mind for who she is and how I know her. Kristin? Katelyn? Cherrie? I remember meeting her the night before at the bar of some dark night club with thumping bass and blue lighting. My thoughts stray to something I have to do today...

It's pretty early on my wedding day. An image of a tall, thin blonde with green eyes crosses my mind. I suddenly realize I don't love the woman at the altar. I need to get the hell out. Fear grips my chest and I can't breathe, but I'm rushing around to get things together, aka pants. I seem to take no time doing this, or at least it's unimportant for the future memory. I then grab a white shirt and plow through the living room, past the kitchen. It's all post modern styling in blue and purple with white carpeting. I yank open the door to a bright sunny day and hustle across the dusty parking lot towards my car, leaving the front door of my place open.

I jump into this old school red corvette, turn the key, and jet outta there. I look back at my place and it's in this little run-down motel in podunk nowhere. The tires kick up a shower of dirt and gravel as I swerve onto the two lane highway and head north. It might be California, or Nevada or Mexico for all I can tell. I don't know where I'm going, but I am leaving!

And then I wake up. Right here, alone, in my bland and sparsely decorated apartment, woken up by the alarm in my cell phone. I've gotta get showered, get dressed, and get some breakfast down my gullet before I go in my grand am to work on software.

I wish I could live my dreams.

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