08 March 2007

How to Live Life

Drunk. I'm pretty sure that's how I should be living it. When I have had one, or two, or maybe a few more, I can deal with just about anything. I can pay attention to my boring-ass lecture. I understand where my parents are coming from with their need to claim me as a dependent and why it is financially better for everyone. I stop caring about things, and start caring about people, and music, and art, and just think more about how we interact. I don't think I need as much money as I make. I don't like this idea of saving up for a house that I'm not sure I'm ever going to buy. I'm too unsure of where I'm going to be in a year to think about buying a house. Would I want to live in a house by myself? No. Living alone in anything larger than say, 500 square feet, seems ridiculous to me. Granted, I do that now. I believe I began renting here because I honestly believed someone would be joining me here within a year. I was very foolish. Now, I just don't want to have to move. Perhaps I could simply rent out the dining room to a very small & new restaurant, just starting out. That would be best, I think. Any takers? I know I would probably dine there at least a few times a week. I feel like I need a better breakfast than dry cereal with milk, and yet, I do nothing about this because of... well, I don't know why, but I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason. I do know this though. Cranberry juice and vodka is the best way to go if I want to be happy. It is also delightfully uncomplicated and inexpensive.

Fruit intake goes up.
Alcohol is pure energy.
Easy & cheap to make.

None found as of yet.

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