21 November 2008

Some things are really messed up

For example, the Safe Haven Law in Nebraska.

Back in July, the law was put into effect, saying that you can drop off a child to any hospital within the state's borders and as long as you haven't been beating them, you're free and clear. This isn't a bad thing, really. The only problem with it was that unlike every other state, Nebraska didn't include an age limit on the kid. Every other state that has a Safe Haven or Baby Moses law limits the age of the child to between 3 days and 1 year. I agree, somewhere in there, you've realized you can't do this. It's not going to work. What are you going to do? Give the kid up for adoption, without all the hassle of giving the kid up for adoption.

Things were going fine, no babies were even showing up. People wanted to keep their kids. Hooray!

Then September came, and two people dropped off a kid on the same day. One was like 5, and the other like 16.


"Behavior problems."

I hate people.

Then came another two months in which another 30 something kids were dropped off. At first, they'd all been from Nebraska. Then, someone realized the law didn't require that the kids didn't have to reside in Nebraska.

"Woohoo! KIDS! We're going to Nebraska!"

I really hate people.

What really cheesed me off was the fact that people were angry about the law and not the activities of the people dropping off their kids. They called the legislators lazy and irresponsible. They're just trying to help out some babies and kids who really need help. It's the lazy and irresponsible PARENTS who should be ostracized here.

I hate people so much.

Then there's this. A basic summary: Someone from Iowa is protesting Nebraska because they passed any version of the Safe Haven law. This is coming from someone whose state allows gambling. You don't have the high moral ground here, so shut it. They then go into the price tag associated with opening up a special session to get the legislators to come back and revise the law, aka put in an age limit. (Just so you know, they did - 30 days. That's pretty much smack-dab in the middle of the logarithmic scale of similar laws.) But my favorite line in the whole article is regarding the cost to the person dropping off something else:

The penalty for abandoning an animal in city limits is $200 plus any cost incurred by the Humane Society to take care of it.

Classy argument there, WOWT.

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