05 June 2007

Things is goods, dey is.

Wassup? How you been? I'm happy to hear that you're doing well enough to still be able to read my blog, being that you have the time, the money to pay for internet access(or at least can get to the library for a while), and the ability to read English is still with you. (Hi Lars/Melanie/Elena/Satomi/Igor/Irina!)

So I've been doing a lot lately. Really, I have. Shut up! I am not lazy! You are such a liar! Friendship discordancies aside, I have been busy.

My mentor at work has left the company on a Leave of Absence of Unknown Duration. Is he going on a cross-country trip to discover himself, an African safari, what?

He's gonna spend the summer with his wife(a teacher) and his kids. Then... he's gonna find work somewhere else. He's a pretty cool guy and has been trying to teach me stuff for a while now. He commented Friday night at the bar that I have noticeably shaped up and started figuring stuff out in the last few weeks before his departure. This is certainly true, but mostly has to do with beginning to understand, and realizing what a valuable resource I'm losing. I'm going to have to pick up the slack for him, and the other guy that already left in our area. I'll be doing the work of two senior software engineers. This may be a bit of a problem because I'm some newbie who has got rocket science on the brain and knows enough Fortran to optimize a trajectory to the moon, but next to no understanding of how the damned computer works! Arg! So anyway, now I'm in charge of wiring the test rig as well, and I have no idea how that fell to me except that the mentor used to do it and nobody else was really listening when he was talking. It's weird suddenly having responsibility, and especially weird knowing that I can handle it easily.

Other things that have happened... I went out on the mentor's boat with him on a beautiful boat on a Sunday a little while ago. It was just great. The sun was passing over light clouds with an otherwise blue sky, just warm enough to be comfortable when we got to skipping over the waves. I also have been hanging out with my friends a lot more, which is cool and all. I've been doing some pleasure reading and forgetting about grad school for a while. I really need to take the GRE, but I also need to figure out which program to which I should apply. That sentence was difficult to write in proper English, I'll have you know. I'm pretty sure I got it wrong anyway.

Down to business. You should check out my friend's fledgling clothing shop. She's got an eye for fashion if you ask me, and would like you to be seen as fashionable as well. I personally like the skull butterfly and the omaha skyline shirts. Now that Omaha has a skyline, we must pimp that shiat out!
Next, I think you may like I Can Has Cheezburger. This is the ubiquitous "captions glued onto your cats" website that some of you may have heard of on that Internet to which you kids seem to have developed an addiction. Then, there is Daily Puppy. I have vomited blood twice as a result of the cuteness of some of those puppies, but I really should stop OD'ing on puppy cuteness. Finally, you should have been listening to SomaFM while you were looking at all these sites. I personally love their GrooveSalad channel, but rock whatever you can, while you can. Apparently internet radio is going to be all but decimated by some new bill in the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Apparently they're supposed to start paying huge royalties to somebody because of how many people could be listening to their stations, instead of the same ones that satellite radio pays. This could easily kill the last safehaven for independent radio outside of college stations, and we all know how much that sucks.

Alright, that's pretty much what I've got for you. I hope you have a good one.

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