14 December 2007

Horror Movie Setup

In reading this article, I can understand why the teacher was freaked. Imagine the situation.
Doodle-ee-doo! Doodle-ee-doo! Doodle-ee-doo!
You're alone in a high school, at night. Half the lights are off, and you haven't heard anything outside your classroom for hours. You've just packed up your bag, and now you're walking down the hallway from your classroom towards the front entrance. All of a sudden, some voice
sings over the PA, "Welcome to the jungle, baby! You're gonna die!"
"What the Hell?", you think. "Oh no. It's happened. I'm in a horror movie." You run back to your nice, familiar classroom, being sure not to trip and fall on your way there, barricade yourself in, and call the police.

Here's where it differs from a horror film. Surprisingly, the police show up with a sizable force of 6 officers and 3 police dogs to take on the movie murderer, instead of the one local deputy who is either liked or disliked by every character in the story. They treat everything as though it's a legitimate threat, and they handcuff the people they find, not letting them out of their sight, despite a perfectly reasonable story. They find and 'rescue' the frightened teacher. The teacher hears the story, believes it was a harmless joke and that they probably didn't think anyone else was in the school either. The police uncuff the kids and probably tell them not to do it again, which is about the only thing you can say in a simple misunderstanding.

I fault no one for this situation, unless it's horror movies. They're too stupid to actually lay the blame on, so no harm, no foul here.

Party on, Wayne.

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