30 January 2008

I HATE teh intarwebs

I was at work this morning (read as 00:34), waiting for the astronauts to finish brushing their teeth. I was browsing my facebook page, which I honestly don't do much any more. I have finally found something that I think might just describe my religious views well. http://www.sinfest.net/archive_page.php?comicID=2700

As you see in that url, the webcomic is called 'SinFest'. I wanted to grab this link and put it into the religious views slot on my facebook profile. I therefore, tried going to sinfest.com. Remember now that I'm on a government computer. They have got great blocking programs in place(even better than my employer's!) I was now told that this was an 'Adult/Sexual Content' page, and I said, "%&^*!!!!" I immediately went to the google search toolbar and typed in 'sinfest'. I got the page I wanted and the link. I completed the task I was intending to do, and then quickly logged off facebook. I really hope that the amount of pr0n on teh intarwebs didn't just cost me my job.

Tonight at dinner, I told my girlfriend that I really am enjoying my job. They're keeping me busy with valuable work, respecting my opinion, and valuing my effort. I am sooo much happier in this position than I was with my last one. I really, REALLY don't want to do anything to screw up this good thing I've got going. I hope that mistake doesn't cost me.


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Manda said...

It's ok, sinfest.com had mostly has links to sinfest.org and a picture of a palm tree when I went to it. Now, the palm tree wasn't wearing any clothes, but hopefully that wouldn't be enough to fire you over.