30 January 2008

Long Days in Support of Space Flight

I got to work yesterday morning at 0900. I normally get in at 0800, but as I knew I would be working until 0430 this morning...

I am really quite tired. I tried to stay up late last night, and made it until about this time thanks to my girlfriend. After a full day of running scripts and checking temperatures on the ISS, I went to my linear algebra class. It was a bit of a snooze-inducer. I'm glad I already got the homework done for that class this weekend so that I don't have to do it now.

Instead, I am now watching FE2 eat space breakfast meat. And now ISS CDR is pulling on her EVA pants. Awesome. I do have to say I think ISS DL 3 is probably the best channel we've got going, considering the others are showing that night is still dark, even on Space Station Freedom. If you have access to the NASA channel, or any of its streams, I highly suggest ISS DL 3 for your viewing pleasure.

Just so you understand, I will have been at work for 20.5 hours minus lunch, Russian class, Linear Algebra class, and dinner. I'm glad my schedule is flexible. It means that instead of getting OT for this, I'm going to get a goodly sized chunk of Thursday off. Getting Thursday off when you have to work Friday is like rain on your wedding day. I think that's how that saying goes, anyhow.

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