20 November 2008

Pushup Challenge - Closure

I successfully completed the 100 pushup challenge. It took 7 weeks total, but I did it. When I did, it was pretty easy into the 80s, and then I really started to feel it. It was probably more of an anaerobic burst of strength that did it, but I did it anyway. Since then, I haven't continued doing 50 two times a day as I had originally planned, but now do more like 20 whenever I want to. At least now I can drop and give 20 whenever I want instead of falling apart at the 6 pushup point.

I mostly stopped posting because it had become not fun because it felt more like a chore, especially while my arms hurt or were just exhausted when I was doing it. Plus, one of my friends made fun of me for having a blog entirely about pushups...

It's not, I swear!

1 comment:

Manda said...

You remembered you have a blog! Yay!