02 November 2007

New Frontiers

You know, the hardest part of writing a blog entry is coming up with the title. At least for me. The rest is just a flow of consciousness, if you haven't noticed.

I have changed jobs within my company. Remember how much I disliked the work in the last job? Things are way better now. I think it's a better fit. First off, I know what people are talking about. Today I was able to come up with an answer faster than my lead, which I don't expect to happen very often, but still felt good.

I've been doing this new job for about a month, I think. The first week, I went on vacation to New England, which was really fun. That was the first week of October, and it was beautiful. I crossed Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine off my list. Oh man, it was a great trip.

Boston was the low point of the trip, and I don't believe I will be returning there unless someone pays me. Hear that, Boston? You suck! The traffic was unbelievable. There was nowhere to park, and nowhere to go without parking your car first.

The high point was hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Gorgeous. Breath-taking. Exquisite. I really can't put words around it. The air had just the barest chill. The fog was rising to become clouds flowing around the peaks. The trees had the aged and wild feel of nature. The leaves were in such a great variance of autumn colors that I have been deprived of in Houston.

That being said, I did see a tree today that was half red here in Houston. I'm sure that one will look dead tomorrow though, as the trees do here once fall actually arrives. The cold front we had come in here dropped the temperature to about 50 degrees, so all the Texans were wearing coats, and I finally stopped sweating.

There's plenty more to tell you about, but let's leave it for another day.

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