18 November 2007

Scheduled Maintenance

After a long, full day of training, work, partying cut short, and my boring math methods class, my car decided not to start when I was finally ready to go home. I hate this car so much now. After having it towed off and inspected by my mechanic, I learn that it was the security system that caused the car not to start. That's just so infuriating. Having that security system saves me an estimated $2 every month on my insurance, but now costs $500 today. The complexity of cars has gotten ridiculous. So much can go wrong and cause the car to not even start because it doesn't recognize the key. And one of the parts is in Dallas, so I won't be able to get the car back until several days after I took it to the shop.

This is just such a silly thing to cause the car to stop working. Good thing I've got an emergency fund set up for car troubles. At least I won't be hurting because the car is, and maybe it will stop pissing me off so much. I still need to get new tires for it though. *sigh*

Listening to: Mogwai - Young Team - R U Still In 2 It

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