04 May 2008


It's $*%&'d up, isn't it? I'm still trying to figure out what I believe. This is tough with people thumping your skull with the Bible here in Texas. It's really hard to agree with people who don't act on what they believe, isn't it?

Either way, I'm not sure what I believe. This is partially because I have been surrounded by cynicism, zealotry, terrorism, peacemaking, and everything in between. I'm still young and people seem to expect me to KNOW what I believe. I don't even know what I want out of life yet, much less the afterlife. I don't really even think there's enough time in any one person's life to explore all the known religions. How is anyone supposed to figure out what's best for oneself?

My girlfriend and I have been having talks about religion for a fortnight, and we're going to try out some houses of worship. I don't really know where to start. Alphabetically? I think that favors the aardvarks...

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