05 May 2008

Links for Monday, 5 May 2008

This is dedication and awesomeness. Just think of the layers of geek that go into this project.

Also, if you are unhappy about anything or just caught up in your own little drama, I suggest you check out these very tiny shetland pony foals. Compare them to the height of the grass.

This may be why I don't understand Texans well. Am I being overly polite?
This one could be true of any state that isn't Texas here, or any state that isn't on the Eastern Seaport for someone from the Northeast. It just makes me sigh because I'm not from those states, and I went to all the trouble of learning where your state is. Would you mind learning some basic geography?

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Kyle and Danielle said...

Do the ponies make Amanda giggle like I'm envisioning? :)