09 June 2008


Here's a pet peeve of mine: Entitlement.

There's a certain amount of things people should expect to receive in
life. Your mother should love you, you should be paid for your work,
and you should be treated like a human being. There are probably more
things, but there are some that do not apply.
Tonight, while working the overnight shift, the folks at the console
behind me were talking with their intern. There was of course a lot of
idle chatter about where she's living and where are some good places to
eat around here, all the information someone new to the area needs.
Then, they got to talking about how some of the interns have site
familiarization trips to Kennedy Space Center through the company. She
felt that it was unfair that the people who work on the shuttle program
should be sent on a business trip to introduce them to their main
worksite. She felt that she should also get to go on this "tour." Why?
Because she's an Aerospace Engineer, and those she knows going are
Electrical Engineers. This is what I'm talking about with entitlement.
She's already being paid well above the average for an intern, gets all
kinds of free stuff, and yet complains when she doesn't also have an
included trip to Florida. Is she entitled to such a trip?
I was also an intern who worked on the Space Station, not Shuttle, and
didn't get to go to Florida. At the time, I remember wishing I could go
too, but I never felt that I was entitled to such a thing, especially
compared to anyone else.
How does one combat this growing sense of entitlement I've seen
everywhere? Does no one realize there are consequences of their
choices, good and bad? This is real life, not a video game with a save
point where you can just go back and reload to get a do-over. (I wish
it did have that though.)

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Jon said...

People just want things handed to them now. Sadly its the way society is going. "where's my money?" "where's my respect?" "Why not me?"