23 June 2008

Pushup Challenge! - The Guantlet is Thrown

I was reading get rich slowly recently, and J.D. has got another blog called get fit slowly. He learned about this one hundred pushup challenge, and passed it on to his readers. I checked it out mid-week, so I wanted to wave off until the next week to actually get started with it. After I decided to wave off, I realized I should square off against someone in order to keep myself motivated. Who should I call?

IO: "So, Dad, want to see who can do 100 pushups at the end of a six week program?"
Old & Bald Guy: "I could whoop you right now at pushups. Hell, I could whoop you right now in general if you weren't a thousand miles away."
IO: "Ok, Dad, we don't have to get too confrontational about this here."
O&BG: "Have some backbone and make this a real challenge!"
IO: "Alright, but maybe you should talk to your doctor first. I don't want you dying because I've challenged you to get healthier."
O&BG: "That's a good point. I need to go write that into the will. If I die competing in this challenge against you, you're out of the will."
IO: "That hardly seems like a good reason for me to try very hard at this, but then again, I believe that you're planning on leaving me your 'good' looks and a couple of twist ties from the collection in the kitchen drawer."
O&BG: "Keep it up and you might just lose those twist ties."

So the gauntlet was thrown, and so it was taken up. The first step to the program is to test yourself initially, seeing how many good form pushups you can do consecutively. I sent him a link to the website and told him to see how many he could do. I was careful not to tell him how many I did, allowing him to resist the temptation to literally one-up me.

I got a reply email this morning, in which he told me that my mother can verify he did 25 pushups.

Crap. I did 6.

So this morning, I went for the gusto and did the program as well as I could, eventually doing 27 total, though there were breaks as prescribed. We'll see how this goes, huh?


Stephee said...

Good luck!! I can do like 5 (girl pushups). :-(

IO said...

Do 'em anyway! They're a great way to step up to good form pushups! That's how I was first able to do a real pushup back when I was a kid.