24 June 2008

Rockport Walk Test

I work in an office and am sedentary in my everyday life. So again, I am generally considered not "fit". Thus, I have been trying to improve this with a little low level exercise to begin with.

I found the Rockport Walk Test, and decided to give it a whirl. The initial test is to walk a mile as fast as you can and take your pulse immediately afterward. When I did, I came in as well
below a good fitness level, especially for my age group. This started me out in the "Blue" program.

I began 5 weeks ago, and already I've been feeling better. In fact, even though I've missed several different walks due to late nights in support of missions with terribly timed classes, I've already walked 21.25 miles, just as a part of this program. That's outside of the amount of walking I do on an average day, which is somewhere between 0.5 and 3 miles, but spread out throughout the day and taken at a leisurely pace generally.

I'll be checking in with this program as well as the pushup challenge.

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