25 June 2008

Pushup Challenge! - Initial Aches

I had no idea I would be sore for so long after doing those pushups the first day. For the first couple of hours, my arms wanted to do nothing more than hang from my neck, mostly because my shoulders had given up as well. The next day, my chest and shoulders felt like they needed stretching every two minutes. By the time I was supposed to do my second session's pushups, my lower abs were aching. On the website for the one hundred pushup program, they mention all these muscle groups, but I didn't believe it until I could feel each one aching separately.

Today, I did the required amount plus 3, giving me a total of 38 total today, the most being on my final set. Already I can do 66% more consecutively than I could just a week ago. I can see and feel results already, and all I'm doing is pushups!

We'll see how I feel about it after I get the aches from this session, eh?

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